Make Your Solar System

A very stable solar system. Hey… it looks like…

Create planets for building your own unique solar system!

Make your Solar System is a casual gravity simulation game (N-body simulator) where you create planets and stars for generating stable solar systems (or just crashing stuff for fun, is up to you!).

A not so stable solar system…

Several Game Modes

  • Sandbox: You can train or experiment with all maps, without any goal more than create the solar system of your dreams and the pleasure of watching the space dance.
  • Time Attack: Your planets will score higher if they have a high mass, but if they are very massive and close, the system will become unstable, and planets crashing or lost into far space will substract points. Will you score higher than your friends?
  • Destroyer: Do you want destruction? Here the goal is to destroy the specified objects in the minimum possible time. Be the fastest planet shooter!
  • Supernova: An unstable hypergiant blue star is about to explode as supernova. And some planets are trying to impact against it! Bad news for the star. Avoid impacts and resist as much as possible!
A supernova, orbited a moment ago by a red dwarf.

Fast and Complete Object Creation Controls

When playing, in order to create a new object, just select its mass with the slider at the left and then “drag and drop it” (kind of) in the space. Where you touched it will appear, the direction will depend on where you released the finger, and the speed will depend on how far is from where you touched the screen. Althought at first is not very intuitive, after some attempts you will master it.
As a tip: when you want a circular orbit, the initial direction has to go perpendicular to the line that joins where you touched and the object you want to orbit (as it would be the direction the object would have when orbiting at that point).

A brown dwarf orbited by a rocky planet.

Usually, in some gravity simulators, you have to specify numerically the initial speed, or have to select from a preset of masses. In MYSS you have different masses if the slider is a little up or down even if in both cases says “Jupiter”, for example. The words are used for reference: selection is analogic.
Also, you can create the objects anywhere you want, with the initial speed you want (as long as your finger doesn’t go out your screen 😛 ). This combination of analog selections for the triplet mass, position, speed joined with the fast “touch, drag, release” creation system brings the player the best of a precise simulation and a casual game without the complexity of millions of options.

About the camera, you can use the slider to zoom (pinching also works) and you can track individual objects or the barycenter, represented by an “X”. You can drag the screen for free movement, too.
While you are tracking an object, lets say a planet orbiting a star, you can zoom it in and create moons around it. Just select again the object creation, choose a lower mass and do it as if the planet was not orbiting anything: all creations are relative to the speed of the camera.

A blue giant orbited by a red dwarf orbited by a planet.

Leaderboards and achievements

There is a leaderboard per map! So you will see your position and score against thousands of people playing.

There is also a bunch of achievements, some of them easy, some of them related to achieve weird objects.

A triple system of neutron stars with a couple of planets. Here the barycenter is selected.

Save and share

Proud of your creation? You can save all the solar systems you want and play them in Sandbox mode. If you want to show your creation to your friends, just pause the game and select share. You can find some creations from some players in Twitter, with the hashtag #MakeYourSolarSystem.

Free in Google Play

Make Your Solar System is free to download with no limitations or in app purchases.
Have fun!

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