Sir Ascension


Sir Ascension wants to fly very high with his balloon. Help him!

You will travel throught lots of different landscapes and structures: green plants, dark forest, mountain, a mechanical zone, the sky…


While Sir Ascension goes up, he will find different dangers:

  • Spikes: They follow a repetitive path and are small. You shouldn’t have lots of trouble with them. The number increases slowly with altitude.
  • Splat!: Being squished between flying blocks is a common way to die when you go up with a balloon. I mean, in the game 🙂
  • Lava: Because all we love to die into magma.
  • Going out the screen: Sir Ascension only wants to ascend. He really doesn’t like to go down and if it goes out of screen by this… he will lost a life.


All this looks dangerous but hey, there is help during your journey! You will find bubbles with some objects that will make your life -literally- easier:

  • Coins: they are uncommon during the first meters but very common at high altitudes. You can buy more starting/maximum patches and lifes with them.
  • Patches: It patches the balloon if it has holes, or Sir Ascension if he is hurt. If not, you add another to your total amount. You start with a number with you, wich can be increased forever buying with coins!
  • Speed ray: Be fast as a thunderbolt! You will ascend faster in less time and your balloon will accelerate more, but control is difficult while it lasts.
  • Shield: It will protect you against the spikes and against the lava. You can still die because other causes.
  • Ghost: You will become ethereal, going throught blocks, spikes, lava… ascending in straight line up if you want. but careful! You can die going out the screen not only down, but also to the left and right. Oh, and… I recommend not to become solid again inside a block. It really hurts.
  • Hearth: This is an extra life. Very uncommon. When resurrecting, you are in ghost mode for some seconds. As patches, you have a starting quantity that can be increased.


Each game is different from previous one. You will always start in the green zone but structures and next landscape are randomly arranged. The same happens for spikes and bubbles!


There is a Google Play leaderboard so you can compare how much altitude you reached against other players and friends.


With a full day/night cycle, you will find hard to continue when the sun light dissapears.

The controls are very easy:

  • Tap the left side of your screen in order to move to the left and a bit down.
  • Tap the right side to move to the right and a bit down.
  • Tap both left and right sides of screen to go down.

Sir Ascension is free. Enjoy it!

Get it on Google Play