Super RGB


Super RGB is an addictive little game where you control three super pixels: Red, Green and Blue.

The rules are easy:
1 – Avoid the falling blocks with different color.
2 – Mix Red, Green and Blue -as in RGB color model- to obtain new colors.
3 – Try to pass throught blocks with same color in order to score.


The rules for mixing colors are easy, you can check them here.

  • Red + Green = Yellow
  • Red + Blue = Purple
  • Green + Blue = Cyan
  • Red + Green + Blue = White.

This is also the way monitors mix Red, Green and Blue in a single pixel to obtain its final color (with more variation of course!) You can check it by amplifying a white pixel (from this background for example) with a magnifying glass, or doing a macro photography.

The game looks easy, but the main difficulty is the control of three elements. When the speed of the falling blocks starts to become fast, your fingers and brain will start to notice the challenge: “Where is the pixel I need to become purple? ¿Do I have time to mix them or is it better to avoid that purple block? Meanwhile, is the other pixel safe?” Also, the mixing of Red with Green to both become yellow is not intuitive, as mixing light is not the same that mixing paint.

So… how much can you resist?

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Have fun!