Update 1.0.1: spanish translation


I have been so busy theese weeks. Now I am working on translations, the system is implemented and tested with spanish. The last release (1.0.1) is just that: spanish translation. (it was so weird as I am a native spanish speaker, I never translated texts written by me in another language into my own language, is usually the opposite way…)

About the version numbers, in the case you are curious: the first “1” is just to say “first MYSS game” and is never going to change, probably. The second number indicates big changes and the last one, small changes without altering maps, mechanics, features… just small things, including bugfixes.

More languages will be added soon.

I am also working on saving and loading sandbox systems. 🙂 I hope you are having a good time. Don’t forget to create some planets. It’s good for your health 🙂

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