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Version 1.10 is out!

Hi Solar System Makers!

New features for the game have been released!

  • Now you can save games! Touch the pause icon and “Save Game”. Your system will appear in Sandbox. I decided to provide unlimitedĀ slots (well, maybe thousands or millions, who knows… just until your mobile explodes šŸ˜› ). You can also delete saved games. First free slots will fill before, if you save after deleting.
    This is the main new feature in Make Your Solar System 1.10, and it is very useful for people who creates a beautiful or rare system and want to add more objects, but don’t want to destroy the system by mistake. Now you can save and just try again and again until building your beloved system of your dreams šŸ™‚
  • When creating a neutron star, the supernova is not triggered anymore. It was kind of beautiful, to spam the neutron star creation with the supernova effect, but as the explosion really comes from the high-mass normal star, not the neutron star itself, it makes more sense in this way. Now it just appears when the big blue star has a big impact, as usual.
  • Fixed some achievements getting triggered in menu instead by playing. Oops.
  • Other minor fixes like text positioning or size in translations and more.

I noticed something while developing the capability to save games: the systems in Make Your Solar System are chaotic. That means that the simulation is not deterministic. I tried so hard to make it deterministic, with partial success. Usually, saved games will act in the same way. When messing with gravity, any little (super little) change in position or speed will cause a butterfly effect, and looks like the engine is not deterministic. As I fixed it partially, you usually won’t notice the difference, but in high energy systems (like close neutron stars orbiting each other, black holes or systems with several stars or impacts after loading) things could act different, sometimes.

On the other hand, this is kind of realistic! Or not? Do you think that the universe is 100% deterministic? Who knows… Didn’t you have the real choice of being here reading this?

That’s for another post, have a merry christmas! Don’t forget to enter in 2017 creating some worlds, it gives you luck for sure!

As always, thanks for reading and playing.