Beta version has landed

Hello players,

It’s been a while after the last game update! I’m currently more active on the development of Make Your Solar System.

I finished the alpha version. Now I plan to focus on beta version. ¿But what marks the difference between alpha and beta?

Well, for me it is just the kind of things that must be added/fixed. During alpha I’m focused in the gameplay, fixing problems with the physics, etc. Beta means adding content, like misions, modes, maybe new models…

As I need to survive (yep…) and I want to keep the game 100% free for everybody, I am thinking on adding ads at some point so I can continue developing the game. They won’t interfer with the gameplay and will be skippable, of course. Maybe I will publish an ad-free version for a ¿couple of dolars? or so, consider it a way of donating. This is my first game ever (for any platform) so I am still learning about this world 🙂

Anyway, this won’t happen until I think the game worths it.

Other than that, I set up some media, so you players have a way to know what is happening regarding Make Your Solar System (MYSS) and communicate with me if you wish (you can find the Twitter and Facebook pages on the left, Social). Also a bug tracker would be great.

Ok Javi that’s so nice. But I’m here for knowing about new stuff for the game, I don’t mind anything else…

That’s fair! Notable changes:

  • Better UI.
  • Object creation mode, for creating objects (planets, stars…)
  • Camera mode, so you can zoom, follow an object, etc.
  • The barycenter of the system is now visible in camera mode and trackable when
  • clicking on it.
  • Object initial movement is now relative to the following object, making easier to create moons, for example.
  • Planet to star transition is smooth through a brown dwarf “star”.
  • Star colors according to their mass with smooth transition.
  • Giant blue stars pulsate, wich means that become unstable…
  • After a certain mass, stars explode as a supernova, loosing a lot of mass and leaving the core: a neutron star.
  • Black holes (only achievable by adding mass to neutron stars).
  • Partialy fixed the orbit trail “jumps” when creating or loosing objects.
  • Google Play Games for scoreboards and achievements.

This is all for now. Thanks for reading!


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