Make Your Solar System beta 1.12

Beta 1.12 is out!

Hi players! Beta 1.12 has been released. Changes:

  • Very fast small objects now always collide.
  • Objects with same mass will not (should not!) both dissappear (it was happening sometimes), one should always survive.
  • Time, Score and Barycenter are easier to see when having white background (for example, creating lots of supernovas or a white star).
  • If there are supernovas in the moment of restarting/going to menu, they also dissappear now.
  • Non-playable area (aka deep space, where planets are lost) frontier is now visible.
  • Now is not possible to create objects out of the playable area.
  • Small objects give more points than before. Meteoroids start from 10 instead of 1 (it compensates the scoring, althought high masses are still better, of course. From ~neptunian masses the scoring remains the same).
  • More particles per impact.
  • Better handling for Google Games log in when not logged/installed.
  • In Camera mode, object selection for tracking is easier.
  • Smooth camera transition.
  • Improved background image quality.
  • Apk is a little bit lighter (the game requires less free space). It is almost impossible to reduce it more without sacrifying quality on textures/music.
  • Improved centering objects on barycenter after losing one in deep space.

Feel free to comment on Twitter @MYSSgame your thoughts about the changes! 🙂

Thanks for playing.