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Working for closing the Beta!

Hi solar system makers!

It’s been a while since last news here at the blog of Make Your Solar System. I did not have time as my work consumed almost all. As I have some now, I plan to close the beta! More stuff is being added.

I previously had a plan consisting in missions and modes. I finally decided to convert the missions into modes, so everything will be a mode at the end, with leaderboard, etc. So the plan of adding a mission like “resist X time until the star explodes” will be like “resist until the star explodes” and the more you resist, the higher your rank will be. Pretty much the same.

The release version 1.00 will not be the final version though. If I have time and resources, I will be dedicated to the game and maybe try to develop other games. Part of the resources should come from the game, so you will find ads in the final version. Yes. I know we don’t like ads (I also play games), but in order to have resources for continuing the development, there is no choice: I need some monetizing plan. Don’t worry! I’m not a big company, only a guy doing what he likes. I just need to survive without having another job, therefore having more time for developing the game, therefore you playing a more frequently updated game with more modes, maps, and features.

Oh come on. I don’t mind your personal life. I want more game more stuff more planets being the first in all ranks and destroy everything and create and destroy again you gonna go fast lol give me more updates.

Ok impatient non-commas-writing player! Wait until the end of this month. An all-in-one game producer-developer without fixed timetable should not say release dates but…  I will be happy if by entering November we are playing the first release version 🙂

In that version you will find a Destroyer mode, where you have to destroy certain objects, a Supernova mode, having to avoid a supernova explosion, an Options menu, new achievements, a previsualization of the system you are going to play, the ability to continue any map from any mode as Sandbox… and more. You will find the complete list when the update is released, as always.

Oh! And it’s the last opportunity for gaining the achievement “Beta player”… so in the case you didn’t play the game, it’s a good moment to start 😉

Here you can find one of the future maps for the new Destroyer mod: The Cross.


That’s all for now! Happy playing.