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Bye bye, beta! Hi, release 1.0.0!

Make Your Solar System is not beta anymore! A new big update has been released.

This version has the final “shape” of the app. The final taste. The…

Oh come on. Give us features. Now! nom-nom

Hey, ok impatient player! You have been waiting for long time. Here is the list:

  • Now the maps have previsualization. When you select a map, before touching “GO!”, you will see the system you will play with.
  • Sandbox mode has a bigger playable area, about 100 AUs (AU explanation below…).
  • Now you can play every map as Sandbox. Just previsualize the map, but don’t play it: while is in the background, select Sandbox -> Current map instead.
  • New map for Sandbox: the Solar System. With capitals. In addition to the 8 main planets, it includes Ceres, Pluto, Haumea and Makemake. Distances and orbital periods are up to scale. You will shout out of pain when you see Saturn without rings. I know… 😀 Some textures are not accurate. Axial tilts are realistic. Inclination from the ecliptic plane is not real as this is a 2D game. It was very complicated for Pluto, wich orbit intersects with Neptune (in real life Pluto is also under Neptune due to its high orbital inclination, they don’t collide). I tried to take approach of the 3:2 resonance wich also prevents a collision.
  • With the camera, coordinates and zoom are now measured in Astronomical Units (AU). Coordinates are AUs from the baricenter. For the zoom, it means the AUs contained in the width of the screen (without the left sidebar).
  • By default, even if for now is just anecdotic, the game/reality time relation will be 1 second = 1 year, as you can see in Sandbox -> our solar system -> checking the Earth orbital period. This is useful if you are curious about how much time other planets take to orbit in other systems.
  • Now time is shown in minutes and seconds, not just seconds.
  • Collisions are a little bit better. Sometimes, certain objets were not transmiting all momentum to others.
  • The main menu has been redesigned. In the upper side you will find a small descripcion of your current selected item, and the left side has the current “tab” (for example, Modes).
  • New mode: Destroyer. Here you have to destroy certain targets in the less possible time.
  • New mode: Supernova. Avoid impacts against an unstable hypergiant blue star that is about to explode. The more time you resist, the higher your rank will be!
  • Total maps (or systems) increased from 7 to 20. (The starting system in background is also playable as Sandbox!)
  • Ads. Yes, I know, we don’t like ads. But I am honest and it has to be in this list. Hopefully with some funds I will be able to continue the developing of the game. The gameplay will be the same, don’t worry, they are just in the menu, like other games do. Thank you if sometimes you click one!
  • A new Options section. In this menu you can configure several things (visuals, audio, check all leaderboards and achievements…). I suggest to try the minimalistic visual style with shorter and wider trails.
  • Seven new achievements. You can check them in Options -> Social -> Achievements.
  • Now the “forbidden” sound will be played when you achieve the maximum number of objects you can create in a map.
  • “Beta Player” achievement can’t be earn anymore.
  • Some minor and internal fixes.

I hope you will have fun with the version 1.0.0. I did not mention it before, but althought you can play this game in old devices (like Samsung Galaxy S II, let’s say) I recommend at least something with the power of a Google Nexus 4, and a screen with at least 4.5′.

The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Ceres, Jupiter… Our planet was being tracked, so as you can see, as it is “under” the Sun, its Y coordinate is -1 AU.

I will be checking that everything is ok, so if you find a bug, don’t doubt and send it to makeyoursolarsystem@gmail.com. Sometimes we think that “other will do it, he probably already knows”, but that is only true for games with millions and millions of players, like a triple A or… Minecraft (wich I love) 😛

The email is also available for suggestions or any comment you want, as always.

Trying to avoid these two titans from colliding against the big blue star, by firing a fast red dwarf against them… too late.

I will continue adding features if I have the time. So expect more updates!

The classic Time Attack -> Triad map, with minimalistic style and just one second of orbital trail. With zero seconds you won’t have trail, wich is very interesting as there is not reference when a tracked planet orbits a star: it looks like the star is orbiting the planet.

Thanks for reading and thanks so much for playing! 🙂

Working for closing the Beta!

Hi solar system makers!

It’s been a while since last news here at the blog of Make Your Solar System. I did not have time as my work consumed almost all. As I have some now, I plan to close the beta! More stuff is being added.

I previously had a plan consisting in missions and modes. I finally decided to convert the missions into modes, so everything will be a mode at the end, with leaderboard, etc. So the plan of adding a mission like “resist X time until the star explodes” will be like “resist until the star explodes” and the more you resist, the higher your rank will be. Pretty much the same.

The release version 1.00 will not be the final version though. If I have time and resources, I will be dedicated to the game and maybe try to develop other games. Part of the resources should come from the game, so you will find ads in the final version. Yes. I know we don’t like ads (I also play games), but in order to have resources for continuing the development, there is no choice: I need some monetizing plan. Don’t worry! I’m not a big company, only a guy doing what he likes. I just need to survive without having another job, therefore having more time for developing the game, therefore you playing a more frequently updated game with more modes, maps, and features.

Oh come on. I don’t mind your personal life. I want more game more stuff more planets being the first in all ranks and destroy everything and create and destroy again you gonna go fast lol give me more updates.

Ok impatient non-commas-writing player! Wait until the end of this month. An all-in-one game producer-developer without fixed timetable should not say release dates but…  I will be happy if by entering November we are playing the first release version 🙂

In that version you will find a Destroyer mode, where you have to destroy certain objects, a Supernova mode, having to avoid a supernova explosion, an Options menu, new achievements, a previsualization of the system you are going to play, the ability to continue any map from any mode as Sandbox… and more. You will find the complete list when the update is released, as always.

Oh! And it’s the last opportunity for gaining the achievement “Beta player”… so in the case you didn’t play the game, it’s a good moment to start 😉

Here you can find one of the future maps for the new Destroyer mod: The Cross.


That’s all for now! Happy playing.